Welcome Back to School

Keith Campbell
Tuesday, August 27, 2019
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I think that some parents would agree with me that we couldn’t wait for school to start. As a parent myself, I know that having our house back in a regular routine and some resemblance of order is always favored. I can’t wait to reclaim my big screen TV for some Monday night football and finally take my noise reducing headphones off for a while.

For kids it is going to be a “shock” to their system and a bit of fortnite detox for the masses. The routine of getting up early, going to bed before midnight and coming home mentally and physically exhausted might not be their preferred plan option. Fortunately, they also love hanging out with their friends, getting involved in numerous activities and doing homework. Just kidding about the homework piece.

This is my last of the first days back to school experiences (as my youngest is a senior) but I still plan on enjoying it. If I had any advice for other parents, I know that I would be cliché and state the obvious, that time flies (especially summers) and before we know it our kids are grown up (faster than we expect when they are 13). Enjoy the experience and be there with them for all of the ups and downs that come with time in school. Attend as many functions as you can, talk to them about their days (or text them while they are up in their room, my kids hate that), go to their open houses, PT conferences, concerts, games, even prove to them that you can still do algebra homework (right!). Enjoy watching them grow, learn, even struggle. I would much rather that kids experience failure and difficulties while still at home and in schools surrounded by people who care, then not experience it until they are out on their own, by themselves wondering how to handle it. In our school, we want kids to try and fail, to struggle, to get frustrated, to be bored (Yeah I know some don’t have to try very hard to get this result), because in the end we know that it leads to creativity and ingenuity. As parents, we just need to be there for our students and remind them that this isn’t as big of a deal as they think right now and tomorrow will be a better day. Our kids aren’t going to be happy, entertained and engaged all of the time. Life isn’t a video game! But leaning in whatever format that it occurs in is lifelong and vital.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for allowing us to teach your kids. Our staff strives to do our very best to love them like you do and to allow them to struggle, succeed, struggle again and in the end learn & grow. With your support and encouragement and with our dedication and devotion, it really does turn out to be a pretty cool learning community. So be there for the journey. Enjoy the process. As a team, it will be a great experience for all of us. Welcome back and have a great year!

( Keith Campbell is the Superintendent of the Miles City Public Schools.)