The Miles City Star is happy to print pictures and stories of weddings and engagements when they are of interest to our general readership. There is no charge for this service. In keeping with general newspaper style, however, both stories and photos must adhere to certain requirements. Wedding information must be submitted to the Star while it is timely on a form provided by the newspaper. These forms may be obtained at the Star office any time during the day, Monday through Friday or at: submitted with wedding and engagement stories should be of good quality, preferably black and white. Color photographs may suffer a loss of quality when reproduced in black and white in the newspaper. The newspaper reserves the right to crop the pictures as necessary. The Star will run photos submitted with the information form. If photos are supplied to the newspaper separately, from commercial studios or other sources, the paper will presume the photo is supplied with the subject’s consent. Information for stories on weddings and photos should be submitted to the Star as soon as possible after the wedding occurs.