Theology in the Trenches: You got it right, you get it right, and you will continue to get it right

Kathleen Kjolhaug
Religion Columnist

You got it right, didn’t you, when You picked that little girl to give birth. You came as a gift to the world. Neighbor to neighbor must have whispered a time or two. Her mama no doubt clenched hands to her heart as the months proceeded wondering how on earth something like this could have remotely been in the cards.

We never hear of Mary’s mama. She must have been the silent type. It’s a sure bet I would have been crying for Heaven’s sake wondering how on earth this type of deal could resemble any sort of calling at all.

Through pain most of life is birthed. That’s just how it works. When the entire world wondered, You got it right, and when it wonders still, You get it right as You will continue to get it right. You chose a way to enter this world and it leaves us all asking how we are even worthy to reflect upon Your sacred journey.

You got it right when You chose the criminal on Your side to be forgiven of all and enter Your gates with thanksgiving the very day You granted him pardon. 

You got it right when much of the world wanted revenge. “Justice” they cried as they released Barabbas and chose You to for crucifixion. You got it right when the whole world thought You’d gotten it wrong. It’s a paradigm shift in the processing centers for sure.

To live loved is one thing, but to live Love is another.

As the miracles unfolded there were scoffers, offenders, and those who wanted You to rule over others in a way they could understand. Even the chosen did not fully understand what it was they’d signed up for. Yet, they were willing. They were willing to accompany You until death You did part. Much of the world thought You’d gotten it wrong, when indeed, Lord, You got it right.

Sometimes, when I begin to think I get it right, I must be still and in the stillness I hear anew. I begin to understand that Your ways are much broader, much bigger, and try as I might to understand anything at all, I simply must confess that I do not understand much at all.

It’s not a great big me with a little bitty You swinging through life as a duo. Rather, it is a great big You and a little bitty me walking along the rough and tumble spots I am privileged to be a part of.

You continue to whisper, and I continue to hear Your voice calling in the wilderness.

“Be still and know.” “For it is while I keep silent that You work best.” “For it is when you take the precious out of the worthless, that you will be the mouthpiece of God.” (Psalm 46:10, Ex. 14:14, Jer. 15:9).

Not a one comes easy, but you get it right and will continue to get it right. Amen.

(Kathleen Kjolhaug is a religion columnist.)