Tennis Junior Varsity Invitational took place Monday

Monday the junior varsity tennis teams held their annual Miles City Invitational. They invited teams from across the eastern half of the state to come compete.

The girls had a stronger showing during the tournament.

McKenzie Karch and Jaycee Holmlund beat Hardin’s Deidra and Abby, 8-6.

Bailee Murnion and Lauren Coffin beat Taylee and Melissa from Hardin, 8-3.

Sam Flemming and Kelli Cahill beat Hardin’s Alissa Haman and Lacey Gould, 8-3.

McKayla Kurtz and Anni Werner defeated Forsyth’s Kira Thompson and Dannon Puckett, 8-7.

Linsey Crump and Claire Kloster fell to Forsyth’s Morgan Marten and Cassie Dubois, 8-0.

Emily Bennett and Joyce Gran fell to Forsyth’s Heather Blackure and Hannah Blackure, 8-0.

McKenzie Karch lost to Forsyth’s Kira Thompson, 6-4.

Lauren Coffin beat Forsyth’s cannon Puckett, 6-4.

Bailee Murnion topped Hardin’s Taylee Evans, 6-4.

Jaycee Holmlund fell to Hardin’s Abby James, 6-2.

Anni Werner beat Forsyth’s Morgan Martens, 6-3.

Sam Fleming lost to Forsyth’s Cassie DuBois, 6-1.

Kelli Cahill bested Billings’ Kelby Malles, 6-4.

Makenna Jacobsen fell to Forsyth’s Heather Blackwell, 7-6.

McKayla Kurtz bested Billing’s Katelynn Alund, 6-4.

Megan Rost beat Hardin’s Lesliegh Pretty on Top, 6-0. 


The Miles City boys’ team struggled a bit, but they are a young team with a lot to learn.

AJ Dusatko and Nick Mitchell lost 8-3 to Hardin’s David Evans and Matthew Birsh.

Mason Lovec and Tristan Reno lost 8-5 to Hardin’s Taylor Lundberg and Remington Luther.

Keith Vanderlaan and Moses Ramirez lost 8-0 to Hardin’s Austin Yarlott and Konnoley Shane.

Matt and Randall Sikveland lost to Hardin’ts Tucker Simpson and Miguel Lojaz.

AJ Dusatko lost 6-0 to Riley Handran, Glendive.

Nick Mitchell lost 6-1 to Brandon Carroll, Glendive.

Mason Lovec lost 6-0 to Conner James, Glendive.

Tristan Reno lost 6-3 to Darian Ehret, Glendive.

Moses Ramirez lost 6-2 to Casimir Melton, Glendive.

Christian Bennett lost 6-0 to Keegan Mires, Glendive.

Randall Sikveland lost 6-1 to Matteo Viacara, Glendive.

Keith Vanderlaan lost 6-1 to H Enriquez Zachent, Glendive.

Matt Nelson lost 6-0 to Jeff Ylarde, Glendive.