Stability at its finest hour

Kathleen Kjolhaug Religion Columnist
Thursday, December 31, 2020
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We all need it you know. Stability. That’s what secures all of life. The launching pad is firm and with a firm foundation we may launch. We are able because He is stable.

One year ago, I got a bee in my bonnet to resurrect and up-cycle Christmas Crèches. So once the Christmas season was over, I began to scout out a few thrift shops and grab and go on line as best I could. Soon, I’d collected an eclectic assortment of items and as I began putting one set of figurines with a stable I’d gathered … it sort of all fit together. Adding lights made it a silent night where Mary might want to gather. With each one made I can hear her say, “Joseph, I want to go to THAT stable!”

As each little set found a home, a few more sets began appearing by hands gifting the treasures they’d found when seeking. A name for all of this came to mind. The printers printed and One of a Kind Design unfolded all fun like.

Moms came, grandmas came, kids came, and each one had a wish. They wished to have a stable which made them able to visualize the Holy before them. Advent came and on it went … figurines appeared and stables made us all able.

“She loves sparkles.” And sparkle figurines would suddenly be found.

“He loves gold topped anything with a little splash of color.” And gold topped figurines with a splash of color came forward just in the nick of time.

Treasure boxes were found all the way around and within the boxes were placed secrets only the generations before would know anything of. Stability’s finest hour awakened little and big hearts alike as the story … the true story told of old helped equip hearts as part of the communion of saints.

More stables were needed. Gifted hands created all heart-felt in artistry at its finest hour. Give the couple did so many could have and hold and see and touch and be part of the story of old made new.

Once leather was wished for. Leather showed up from a heart who had tucked it away for such a time as this. God uses all. There are no such things as scrap piles … only piles of treasures awaiting a home.

Once or twice or thrice figurines were needed and who knew the particulars of why or how come … but He did. And into the door they came … and out the door they went into the hands who were now able to create a stable for such a time as this.

Once, more little sacks for feed to place within were longed for … and the call came. “I have 17 more little bags for you!” The same hands help each one not only under the sewing needle but in prayer as they were prepped.

“I have a nativity set from Madagascar but have never had a stable for it. Could I come?”

“I have an old stable. Can it be fixed up so I can pass it on to my nieces?”

And thus it was in the beginning, now and ever shall be.

Why? Because He is the only One able to make this world stable. As the treasure we seek is Him, may we know the treasure He seeks … is us.

“For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son, so that whosoever believes in Him will have life everlasting.”

And that’s the truth … the whole truth … and nothing but the truth. Amen.

(Kathleen Kjolhaug is a religion columnist.)



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