So long, not goodbye

Mckenna Dosier
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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The time has come, much sooner than anticipated, for me to say my so long to Miles City.

Oct. 11 will be my last day with the Star and my last day as a Montanan will follow shortly after. I have accepted an associate position with an agriculture marketing firm in St. Louis. This wasn’t exactly my life plan, but since when does anyones life ever go according to plan?

Despite packing my things, again, and loading them into my car to move across the country, again, I know I will leave a piece of me behind. This community has touched my soul deeper than I ever expected. I was wary to move 22 hours away from everything I’ve ever known but you, the citizens of Miles City, Custer County and Montana, welcomed me with open arms and immediately made me feel like a part of this community.

To be trusted to tell the story of this town and its people has been a great honor and while it took some people some time to warm up to me, it was a great honor to be trusted with a pen and a camera.

In the words of Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere, man. Okay, maybe not everywhere but a lot of places and I can guarantee that the nicest, hardest working and most down to earth people live in Montana and no matter where I go, I will always be of that opinion. Southern hospitality has nothing on Montana hospitality. I can’t count the times an interview has turned into a visit and the times work hasn’t seemed like work.

I can also guarantee I will miss my four block commute and living in a state with more cattle than people. I’ll miss how people take their hat off to shake your hand, how people wave when they drive by you even if they don’t know you and how directions are largely based off of actually directions and landmarks. I’ll miss how there’s always a helping hand, I’ll miss the old buildings and the lack of chain stores. I’ll miss wandering around Vintage and Rustics for hours. I’ll miss coffee from Spoon Full and fresh bagels from Main Street Grind. I’ll miss huckleberry flavored everything, especially huckleberry fudge Wilcoxson’s ice cream. I’ll miss street dances, live music and sweet clover in the summer, even though it’s a weed. I’ll miss the complete lack of humidity and how you can drive three minutes in any direction and encounter the most beautiful views. I’ll just miss it all.

It’s not goodbye, that I can guarantee. I refuse to say that word. It’s not goodbye because a piece of me will remain behind and it’s not goodbye because I know I’ll carry hundreds of fond memories of Miles City and its people.

I’d like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to every soul I have met during my months under the big sky.

( McKenna Dosier is a reporter at the Miles City Star.)