School Menus

Oct. 2-6

Miles City School District No. 1 — Breakfast


Monday — Cereal, string cheese and fruit cup.

Tuesday — Cereal, pumpkin muffin and applesauce.

Wednesday — Cereal, Pop-Tart and apples.

Thursday — Cereal, munchkin mix, craisins and juice.

Friday — Cereal, granola bard, string cheese and grapes.


Miles City School District No. 1 — Lunch


A full salad bar is served daily as a second option at Washington Middle School.

Monday — Pretzel with cheese, string cheese, baked beans and pears.

Tuesday — Fish sandwich, string cheese, chips, mixed veggies and mixed fruit.

Wednesday — Taco Jo Potato, dinner roll, salad with ranch dressing and peaches.

Thursday — Ham and potato soup, dinner roll, carrots with ranch dressing and grapes.

Friday — Classroom Lottery.


Sacred Heart Parish School


Monday — Sweet and Sour Chicken, carrots, bread stick, garden salad and fruit.

Tuesday — Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, garden salad and fruit.

Wednesday — Barbecued pork, chips, green beans, garden salad and fruit.

Thursday — Chili, roll with butter, fresh carrots, garden salad and fruit.

Friday — Egg salad sandwich, green bean medley, garden salad and fruit.

den salad and fruit.