School district thanks community and asks for support of teachers

Keith Campbell
Friday, May 31, 2019
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As the school year ends and students once again return to the “grind” of summer days, I wanted to offer a few comments and thanks to our educational community.

First, I would like to thank the Miles City community both city and county for helping pass school mill levies this year. It is our hope to utilize this additional funding to continue to offer the best education possible for our kids. Next, I would like to thank all of you for allowing our district and trusting our district to educate the youth of Miles City. Our district takes great pride in this relationship of trust and welcomes the opportunity to change and grow as well. The Miles City district is constantly striving to get better, to improve and to move forward in better serving the needs of the children and of the community.

I also want to thank our teachers. They deserve your trust and I ask that you also give them your thanks. They are tireless in their pursuit of achievement. They measure achievement, one student at a time, one smile at a time, and one shoelace at a time. It isn’t all about test scores and achievement tests to them. It is about the student who feels needed, who feels a sense of belonging, who feels loved. My heart breaks and the hearts of our staff break for those who feel any less.

Across all of the state, across the country there is a serious shortage of people going into education. Yet the need remains high for teachers. Our district is in dire straights when it comes to our ability to hire and we are not alone.

Across the state schools are struggling to find teachers, especially those here in the east. Just look at the number of openings in cities like Colstrip, Glendive, and here in Miles City. So this is the time to rally behind those who stand in front of our student’s day in and day out. Encourage young people to go into education, support those who choose this most noble of careers. As a community we have always placed a high value on education and held those who teach in high esteem. That shouldn’t change or it will most certainly change the quality of the product that we turn out. None of us want anything less than the best for our kids.

Miles City has some of the best teachers anywhere but they need, they desire and yes in my opinion they absolutely deserve your praise, support and encouragement. Make teachers feel valued again and perhaps more people will value the teaching profession.

Thank you again!

( Keith Campbell is the superintendent of the Miles City Unified School District.)