Rosendale doesn’t care about Montana

Monday, August 20, 2018


In late July Vice President Mike Pence flew to Billings, MT to hold a fundraiser for Matt Rosendale who is running against Senator Jon Tester in November.

I find it interesting that this was held in an undisclosed location, and was closed to the public and reporters. How do you know what your people need or want changed if you don’t include them in a dialog or meet with them in their home towns to see what is going on in the real world?

If you are Matt, you don’t!

As Montana’s state insurance commissioner it is Matt’s job to review insurance rates which should be happening right now during rate review season. After hearing from Montanans he ignored their concerns and increased the insurance rate by 23%. That makes an insurance premium that was $500.00 a month jump to $615.00 per month. Thanks Mr. Rosendale. It was nice of you to help out those Insurance Companies so now families are cutting back on groceries or signing up for Medicaid.

This year Matt Rosendale has spent less time in Montana doing his job and more time flying back to Washington to attend fancy fundraisers and rubbing elbows with lobbyists who want another puppet republican to win so they can control more of what is decided in the interests of the top richest 10% in this country.

Matt Rosendale doesn’t give a whit about what Montana needs. He is happy avoiding his constituents in Montana and stuffing his pockets with what ever the lobbyists will give him.

I think this is what they call “dirty money” and Matt Rosendale’s has no qualms about taking as much as he can from corporations and lobbyists who aren’t in Montana. But he’s not doing his job. He is happy in the role of a puppet that will do what lobbyists want and not what Montana needs.

Jon Tester is traveling all over the state of Montana, talking with people, finding out about their health care, their jobs, their communities so that he knows what Montanans need. Jon Tester stands up in Washington and holds people accountable for poor decisions. He isn’t afraid to face the adversaries at the Capitol and he welcomes his people in Montana with open arms, strong ideas and solutions to present for debate. Montana wants someone who will be an independent fighter for them in the Senate, not someone who has forgotten to come to work in the state he is pretending to represent.

My confidence, my hope and vote are going to go to Jon Tester

Linda Hollifield

Dillon, MT



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