Rolling Rubber Point S merges MC locations, will use Main Street building as warehouse

Rolling Rubber Point S merged its two locations into one at 2712 S. Haynes Ave. on Apr. 3 and Carol and J.R. Bean have been pleased with how smoothly the transition went. They will continue to own the downtown location to use as a warehouse.

“So it’ll still be a nice looking store,” Carol Bean said. “Actually it’ll be looking nicer” because they’ll be able to move some trailers off the lot and be able to clean it up more. “It was really hard to leave the downtown location because we’ve been there since 1986, but it didn’t accommodate the truck business we have now,” she said.

That 1404 Main St. location was built in 1910 and has always been used for automotive businesses, including an automotive dealership and gas stations.

The main reason for merging the two locations is to have all their staff under one roof, Carol Bean said. Before they were shuttling back and forth between the two stores. Combining the locations has “worked very well.”

J.B. Bean said: “The building was really hard to maintain with the flow of cars in and out all day. The concrete floor had holes in it.” 

He added that the employees have been really happy to be able to roll floor jacks across the floor in the new place without having to hit holes.

The Beans bought Rolling Rubber from their parents, David and Betty Bean, and a store in Baker, both in 2008. This year they constructed a new building in Baker.

In 2010 they moved the truck portion of the business to the South Haynes location when that building was constructed.

When they moved out there there was a man camp across the road and their business was swamped the first year, Carol Bean said. 

A truck wash was at the location but now its been converted to bays for the tire business. The truck wash is now a mobile business, where Rolling Rubber takes the wash out to the field and washes the trucks there. 

Since the new location may not be as convenient for some, Rolling Rubber Valet will pick up and return vehicles to customers who ask. 

“People are busy. We get that,” Carol Bean said.

Also for the convenience of customers that wait for their vehicle, they have a new customer lounge with a television, cable, free WI-FI, a kids’ corner with toys and more. Carol Bean said it’s a great place for mothers with small children.

In 2015 Rolling Rubber joined a buying co-op (Point S) so they can compete in price with the big box stores, she said. 

Jennifer Best is the store manager in Miles City and Skyler Burke is the operations manager. 

In 2012 they opened a store in Glendive and now Rolling Rubber employs 25-30 people in Miles City, Glendive and Baker.

In the future they hope to build a location in Miles City, since they are leasing now. 

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