On the Road to Red, We’re Better Together

Don “k” Kaltschmidt
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Each time we cast a vote, we are shaping the future of our country. But never before in my lifetime has a vote been of higher consequence than it will on November 3rd.

As we know, the socialist insurgence within the Democratic Party did not die at the end of Bernie Sanders’ campaign this spring. In fact, the opposite is true. Socialist principles define the Democratic Party this cycle.

As a result of the Democrats’ shift to the left, only one party’s candidates are left to stand for the freedom that Americans have defended for generations – and that is the Republican Party. To protect this freedom, it is incumbent upon each of us as Republicans to come together and ensure our winning message is delivered.

Whether moderate, conservative, or libertarian, each of us prizes the Republican values that go hand-in-hand with our Montana way of life. Rugged individualism, an independent spirit, a strong work ethic, personal responsibility, and a commitment to our families and communities define us all. We are the party of the working class, agriculture community, small businesses, tribes, and every day Montanans. We represent Montana, and we’re all on the same team.

This November, we have the best slate of candidates that we have ever had to defend our treasured values and way of life. Our goal remains to win every single one of our races on Election Day. This begins with defeating socialism at the ballot box and voting to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, but every race down ticket is equally important.

Montana’s Senate race has quickly become one of the most contentious in the Nation. We have a clear choice: Senator Daines who will continue to protect our constitutional freedoms, defend our Montana values, and work with President Trump to put Montana First, or Steve Bullock who can’t be taken at his word and has embraced the left’s agenda on guns, sanctuary cities, and removing President Trump from office. This race is about the future of our country, and no one can afford to sit on the sidelines.

We also face a pivotal race for Governor. After 16 years of Democrat rule, Montanans are ready for a leader who’ll get our state back on the right track. With our state’s virus shutdown leaving too many Montanans out of work, we need a proven business leader in the governor’s office—someone who has created good-paying Montana jobs. Greg Gianforte is that proven leader and a strong conservative. On day one as Governor, Gianforte will be ready to get our economy going again, get Montana open for business, and get Montanans back to work.

But the fight doesn’t stop there. Our lone seat in the House of Representatives has been targeted by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, and it’s our job to keep it in Republican hands by electing Matt Rosendale as our next Congressman. Matt is a no-nonsense, tireless leader who has proven his effectiveness in business and as our State Auditor. Our freedom is under siege by Congressional Democrats, and we need Matt there to protect it and fight for Montana values.

Lastly, to further defend our treasured Montana values and way of life at home, we must maintain our majority on the Land Board, and increase our majorities in the State House, State Senate, and County Commissions.

Whether you have been a Republican for life, or have never cast your vote for Republicans before, we invite you to join us in choosing freedom this November.

(Don “K” Kaltschmidt is the MTGOP Chairman.)