Reader found the Mueller testimony pitiful

Friday, August 2, 2019


On July 24th, Mueller testified before Schiff’s and Nadler’s committees; both hearings were disasters for the Democrats. Earlier, AG Barr tried to save him from himself by, mercifully, providing the letter, which Mueller requested, recommending that he stick to the report. He didn’t. And, more than 100 times, the frail, confused man muttered “uh-uh-uh-uh”. It was embarrassingly obvious that someone else composed “The Mueller Report.” Dem’ hopes for “impeachment fodder” were dashed; but, sadly, “enough” will never be enough for them until November 2020.  

So, for the sixth time, it’s on record that Pres. Trump allowed complete access to a million-plus documents and the availability of his entire White House staff. A “re-do” is outrageous. Never, even during two-plus-years of 24/7 harassment by Dems and their media, did he assert “executive privilege”. Why not? For the umpteenth waste of time, he’s not guilty! Mueller’s Report could have been one page in length … “no collusion; no conspiracy” … and, no obstruction is a given when there’s no “there-there”!

Mueller’s testimony was painful to watch. At one point, he even needed assistance remembering the word “conspiracy”. Out of pity, Rep. Radcliff stopped questioning and thanks the poor man for his military service. It was over. Cable commentators and Republicans expressed sadness for him. It’s not the way a Bronze Star, Purple Heart patriot should leave the public arena,

Nancy May