Ranch Rodeo: Jordan man wins bronc ride

Jay Phipps had the top score in the first go and held on to win the average in the bronc riding of last weekend’s 2017 Miles City Ranch Rodeo at the Eastern Montana Fairgrounds in Miles City.

Phipps, a Jordan cowboy, scored a 72 Friday and stayed on board for a 68 Saturday. His  two-day score of 140 was one point ahead of runner-up Cody McCarthy (66-73—139) of Winnett. Third went to Hardin’s Hank Ward (66-69—135) and fourth went to Rowland’s Seth Flack (67-66—133).

“I had a good horse,” Phipps said of his first ride. “I had a good trip, but he made me work for it.”

MaryAnn Weder and her Miles City Livestock Commission foursome that included Jonnel Hintz, Hope Huft and Keli Rooney had the best time of 37 seconds in team sorting. But even though they didn’t place in the wild cow milking, she said, “That’s my favorite event.”

She was also sporting a rather big bruise on her chin after a collision with the wild cow.

“It was a lot of fun,” Weder said, “but it’s really tough when the cows get worked up, nervous, then they don’t give milk.”

The overall winners in the five-event women’s rodeo were Ellie Rankin, Ava Rankin, Illa Rankin and Rainie Mullanix of the Tri-City Wildstock News team.

The open (mixed team) winners were Lane Krutzfeldt, Jake Goddard, Alec Haughian, John Henry Beardsley and Ava Rankin of Maxwell Butte Ranch. They won the trailer race and placed second in the team sorting.

Top hand female award went to Jennifer Weeding from Weeding Performance Horses. The top hand male winner was Clay Kincheloe from Long Shots/Murray Trucking.


Women’s Ranch Rodeo

Friday’s results

(1st and 2nd paid in each event)

Team Sorting: 1. Miles City Livestock Commission (MaryAnn Weder, Jonnel Hintz, Hope Huft, Keli Rooney), 37 seconds, 2. Silver & Silk Star Whitt (Star Whitt, Nancy Okerman, Gillian Severe, Jill Kolka), 49 seconds.

Team Branding: 1. Gumbo Girls (Alix Wittmayer, Raelynn Beley, Robin Blankenship,  Riata Smith), 69 seconds. 2. Seven Blackfoot Ranch (Jana Kelly, Jennifer Weeding, Tierani Brusett, Bailey Kortum), 81 seconds.

Trailer Race: 1. Rez Basin Gals (Sarah Verhelst, Cristen Grant, Hannah Knudsen, Jessie Hahn), 60 seconds, 2. Tri-State Livestock News (Ellie Rankin, Ava Rankin, Illa Rankin, Rainie Mullanix),  79 seconds

Wild Cow Milking: 1. McNamee Angus (Sonnie Gartner, Jackie McKenny, Tia Watson, Morgan Flitner), 68 seconds, 2. Tri-State Livestock News, 76 seconds

Overall Results: (All teams were awarded prizes, 1-4 won money). 1. Tri-State Livestock News, 346 seconds. 2. McNamee Angus, 387 seconds. 3. Seven Blackfoot Ranch, 390 seconds.  4.Gumbo Girls, 400 seconds. 5. Silver & Silk, 433 seconds. 6. Rez Basin Gals- 492 seconds

The Top Hand of the women’s rodeo was awarded to Riata Smith and Top Horse was Smart Lil Command (6 year old, Sorrell, Gelding) ridden by Gillian Severe. 

The top 2 women’s teams overall (Tri-State Livestock News and McNamee Angus) qualified for the Eastern Montana Ranch Rodeo Finals Sept. 8-9 in Miles City.


Open Ranch Rodeo —- Saturday

(1st & 2nd paid in each event)

Team Sorting: 1. Sand Creek Cattle (Clint Potts, Kery Phipps, Jason Phipps, Cedar Woodford, Bo Blake),  50 seconds. 2. Maxwell Butte Ranch (Lane Krutzfeldt, Jake Goddard, Alec Haughian, John Henry Beardsley, Ava Rankin),  54 seconds.

Team Branding: 1. Cowpokes (Bailey Kortum, Dan Harrington, Pete Heryford, Brad Marshall,  Zane Dempewolf), 65 seconds. 2. Pierson Quarter Horses (Bo Pierson, Rod Paschke, Julie Paschke, DJ Martin, 

Clint Weeding), 66 seconds.

Team Mugging- 1-2 splits: Pierson Quarter Horses and Buck Naked Rodeo (Courtney Rooney, Walt Phipps, Trevor Ross, Mason Ross, Trevor Saylor 0, 97 seconds.

Trailer Race: 1. Maxwell Butte Ranch, 63 seconds. 2. Bank of Baker (Courtney Rooney, Walt Phipps, Trevor Ross, Mason Ross, Trevor Saylor),  68 seconds.

Wild Cow Milking: 1. Circle B Ranch (Courtney Rooney, Walt Phipps, Trevor Ross, Mason Ross, Trevor Saylor), 39 seconds,. 2. Bank of Baker, 45 seconds.

Overall Results (1-7 earned prizes, 1-4 awarded money): 1. Maxwell Butte Ranch, 418 seconds. 2. Weeding Performance Horses, 487 seconds. 3. The Longshots/Murray Trucking, 489 seconds. 4. Circle B Ranch, 483 seconds (4 events completed). 5- Pierson Quarter Horses, 485 seconds (4 events completed). 5. Cowpokes- 501 seconds (4 events completed)

7. Sandcreek Cattle- 537 seconds (4 events completed).

Top Horse: Lefty (9 year old, Brown, Gelding) ridden by DJ Martin of Pierson Quarter Horses.

Top Hand Female: Jennifer Weeding from Weeding Performance Horses.

Top Hand Male: Clay Kincheloe from Long Shots/Murray Trucking.

The top 3 teams overall: ( Maxwell Butte Ranch, Weeding Performance Horses and The Longshots/Murray Trucking) qualified for the Eastern Montana Ranch Rodeo finals in September.

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