Punt, Pass and Kick winners announced

The Miles City Kiwanis Club held their annual Punt, Pass and Kick competition this weekend at Connors Field. Organizers said 21 children ages 6-15 participated.

Scores are based on a combination of accuracy and distance. The distance away from the centerline tape is deducted from the overall distance to arrive at the net distance. Typically, accuracy is what determines most of the winners.

There were seven winners in the various age groups — two girls and five boys. Those seven will go on to the sectional competition being held Oct. 2 in Miles City. They will have a chance to qualify for the Denver Bronco’s Team Championship, which will be held Dec. 18, when the Broncos host the Patriots.


Punt, Pass and Kick Winners Results

Girls Age Hometown Distance

Kaitlyn Lockie 6/7 Miles City 33’6”

Kyra Shipp 12/13 Miles City 86’4”


Mason Hansen 6/7 Billings 103’11”

Kameron Lockie 8/9 Miles City 163’10”

Ryder Lee 10/11 Miles City 188’8”

Logan Muri 12/13 Miles City 235’9”

Kyle Minnow 14/15 Broadus 266’

(The distance listed is the combined total of each competitor’s punt, pass and kick.)