Opponents love the Splash Pad, hate the location

Abe Winter
Star Staff Writer

Two residents returned to Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the City Council to voice their displeasure regarding the site of the proposed Splash Pad in Wibaux Park.

Mark Ahner, a former council member, made it clear he prefers Riverside Park, adjacent to the Natural Oasis, for the Splash Pad. That, he said, would avoid parking problems on Winchester and Strevell streets.

“I would think there are better locations,” he said, adding that he was thankful for the city’s effort in restoring the fountain at Wibaux Park.

Ahner also called the Splash Pad “a fantastic project and I support the group that’s coming forward to support and fund it.”

He also said he would help fund it, but definitely prefers another location.

As does Amber Renka, who joined Ahner is asking for a public forum.

“My biggest concern — parking,” Renka said.

“It just makes sense to put it there in Wibaux Park.” John Goff, vice president of Milestown Community Improvement, Inc., said in what basically was a rebuttal to Ahner’s points.

“We have covered every angle and Wibaux Park was the only fit. We did a lot of leg work.”

Goff also pointed out that there are 50 parking spots that will be available from the VA and there will be off-street parking on both Pearl and Strevell.

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