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Friday, September 28, 2018
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Sticky fingers: Man accused of taking 150 lbs. of waffle mix

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia man is accused of stealing 150 pounds (68 kilograms) of waffle mix from a former employer and flipping it to a syrupy stream of buyers. Peachtree City police officer Lt. Odilia Bergh said Thursday 33-year-old Brandon Lee Nelson is charged with burglary. Police say Nelson drove to his former employer’s storage facility in August and stole five boxes of Golden Malted waffle batter. Bergh says Nelson then covertly sold it to buyers who contacted him about the stolen dough. Nelson later was identified on surveillance video of the theft and arrested.

Picnic fizzles out as kombucha earns grandpa park ejection

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (AP) — A picnic for a 60-year-old grandfather fizzled out pretty quickly when he and his grandsons were kicked out of a park in Virginia for drinking kombucha. The bubbly, fermented tea originated centuries ago in China and typically contains a slight bit of alcohol.  That’s what got Sid Tatem in trouble while celebrating his birthday with his two grandsons at Chesapeake’s Northwest River Park. The three were sipping homebrewed kombucha at the park when a ranger asked what they were drinking and then kicked them out upon discovering what it was. City spokeswoman Elizabeth Vaughn says the ranger acted because the beverage was given to juveniles. Kombucha sold in supermarkets must fall below 0.5 percent alcohol, but Tatem’s homebrewed drink had not been tested.

‘Body’ is discarded sex doll

CINCINNATI (AP) — Police in Ohio say a body reported near a park turned out to be a sex doll. Authorities say Hamilton County engineers called Colerain police Thursday afternoon when they spotted what they thought was a body near Richardson Forest Preserve. Police say the figure was wrapped in a garbage bag and had been abandoned on a hillside. Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney says officers pulled the figure out of the bag and discovered it was a life-size female sex doll. Authorities say the doll looked lifelike from a distance.