No Beer Here


I am writing this letter in regards to the letter to the editor on Monday by Darrel Neese. I am only writing to clear up a mistake.

It was stated in the letter that the Outlaw Baseball Club sold alcohol at their 14U CABA World Series tournament. I was in charge of the concessions. We didn’t sell any alcohol at this tournament or any of our other tournaments this year. It may have looked like it if you didn’t come into the tournament, because we were given a cooler trailer by Blue Rock that had the beer logo on it. Let me assure you that there was only pop, water and Gatorade in there. This trailer was a blessing due to the hot weather and the need for cool water and drinks. There were also beer posters that were still up in the place from a previous group that we didn’t see until the first day we had people there. They were taken down as soon as we saw them.

I just wanted to clear this up because it is unfair for us to be accused of something that we didn’t do.

LeeAnn Mosley

Miles City