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Missoula man ordered to pay $140K for burning mom’s house

MISSOULA (AP) — A Missoula man who was angry at his mother for traveling out of state and not allowing him to use her car has been ordered to pay $140,000 in restitution for setting fire to her house.

The Missoulian reports Conner DeYott was given a six-year deferred sentence on Tuesday and ordered to complete anger management counseling.

Prosecutors say DeYott used gasoline to set fires in several areas of his mother’s house on Dec. 2.

Investigators learned he was angry at his mother because she had gone to Minneapolis and didn’t leave her car keys so he could use the car while she was gone.

DeYott pleaded guilty to felony arson in July.


Priest’s fishing gear stolen from vehicle near Butte church

BUTTE (AP) — A newly-ordained Roman Catholic priest’s fishing gear was stolen from a vehicle parked outside a church in Butte.

The Rev. Kirby Longo told The Montana Standard that the thieves also cleaned out his glove compartment and middle console. Longo says he may have left his back window open after he finished loading his gear Tuesday night for a Wednesday fishing trip with friends he met at seminary.

When he walked outside Wednesday morning, everything was gone, including a bike lock and cleaning supplies. The fishing trip was canceled.

He figures the gear he’d accumulated over the past decade was worth about $3,000. The flies that were stolen were ones he’d tied himself.

A friend of Longo’s contacted the newspaper.

Longo says he plans to check pawn shops for his gear.


Man sleeping in dumpster dropped into city collection truck

HELENA (AP) — A man was uninjured but arrested after he was sleeping in a dumpster that was picked up and emptied into the back of a Helena collection truck.

The Independent Record reports that the man was dumped into the cardboard recycling truck Tuesday morning.

Helena police Lt. Corey Bailey says the man was only in the truck for a short amount of time because the driver saw boxes being thrown out and heard him pounding on the wall.

Officers arrested the man after learning he was wanted on a pair of outstanding warrants.


Man, woman make jail threats

MISSOULA (AP) — Missoula County prosecutors want jail staff to be able to decide if inmates charged with killing two people and putting their bodies in tubs of muriatic acid should be allowed to access the jail’s law library.

County Attorney Kirsten Pabst argued Augustus Standingrock and Tiffanie Pierce are a danger to jail guards, themselves and other inmates.

Pabst says Sandingrock threatened staff with a sharpened shower brush and flooded a cell while Pierce threatened to stab another inmate and kill a guard.

Colin Stephens, an attorney for Standingrock, argued accessing the law library doesn’t pose an additional security risk, and eliminating that access shouldn’t be used as punishment for bad behavior. Pierce’s attorney has not yet responded to the motion.

Standingrock and Pierce pleaded not guilty on Oct. 4 in the deaths of 15-year-old Marilyn Pickett and 24-year-old Jackson Wiles.