MCC set to lose money due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Ashley Wise Star Editor
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

For a little over a week Miles Community College has been making quick decisions to protect their students, faculty and staff from the spread of COVID-19.

Some of those decisions include closing the Centra, Ag Advancement Center and the Kailey Gymnasium. MCC has also transferred the majority of their courses to online. The exceptions are auto courses, first aid and CPR, heavy equipment, CDL courses, introduction to gardening, nursing lab and clinicals and welding. They have also closed the cafe to in-person dining and canceled student club and organization events.

The student senate will continue to meet weekly through Zoom.

MCC has seen a decrease in students staying in the residence halls.

According to MCC President Ron Slinger, at the beginning of the spring semester there were 135 students in the student housing. There are currently 60 students left with 21 planning to leave. That would leave a remaining 39 students.

Due to the decrease in students and closure of several campus facilities the college will see a decrease to their auxiliary accounts.

MCC is predicted to lose $82,730 due to housing and meal plan refunds.

According to Slinger, that number could increase by $15,176 if remaining students choose to also leave campus.

The other auxiliary services that will be impacted are food service, bookstore operations and athletic department fundraising.

The food service on campus will be impacted by not receiving the money from unused meal plan funds along with catering losses. MCC is estimating a loss of around $40,000 due to catering.

Bookstore operations are estimated to lose up to $18,000 in apparel sales. There will also be much less athletic department fundraising.

According to Slinger, only the auxiliary accounts will be impacted. The general fund will still be fully funded for the year.

Other MCC events that have been canceled or postponed are advising day, Pioneer Preview Day, all major spring events, Student Satisfaction Inventory Survey Assessment and HiSET Graduation.

The college is still in discussion about graduation, nurses pinning and the distinguished alumni reception.

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