MCC armory rehab bids to be opened on Dec. 21

The Miles Community College Board of Trustees received an update on the armory project Monday. The pre-bid walk-through has been scheduled for Dec. 14 while the bids will be opened Dec. 21. 

According to Chad Sutter of Stevenson Design of Miles City, the walkthrough is to give contractors who plan on bidding an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work needed and the building itself. 

“It is typically their initial exposure to an existing building that is to be remodeled or otherwise renovated,” said Sutter. “They have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with us on-site before the bid.”

The armory was purchased by MCC to be used for the Heavy Equipment Operations and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) programs. 

The ownership of the building was transferred to the college on March 31. 

MCC has been working with Stevenson Design to establish the necessary changes.

According to MCC President Stacy Klippenstein they plan on creating two classrooms, two offices and more.

According to Sutter, lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation will be improved. Insulation will be added, and the windows will be replaced.

“The ground-level floor plan will be modified to better serve as teaching spaces and to accommodate accessibility and egress,” said Sutter. “Interior finishes, such as flooring, paint and ceilings, will be installed or applied to update the facility and to improve acoustics.”

Landscaping and the revamping of the exterior of the building is also planned, Sutter said. The landscaping will help keep water away from the building.

“All the work is intended to improve the performance of the building, to reduce energy consumption and to minimize maintenance,” Sutter said.

Before any bids are accepted, work to remove asbestos and other hazardous materials in the building will be conducted from Dec. 17 through Jan. 17 during MCC’s winter break.

According to Lisa Smith, vice president of administrative services, MCC has contracted Ingraham Environmental for hazardous materials removal.