Marijuana Update

Kenneth Bogner Senate District 19
Tuesday, April 6, 2021
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Heading into the final weeks of the legislature, there is a major issue that is still to be addressed. The passage of Initiative 190, allowing for the legal possession and sale of marijuana, created many questions about the implementation of the new industry.

Two bills, HB 701 and HB 670, have been proposed to add sideboards to the initiative to allow for a smoother transition of the program. The other states that have adopted the legalization of adult use marijuana had many growing pains, so we are looking at what they are currently doing in order to minimize our own.

The legislature will be voting on policies to address local control issues, testing procedures, and revenue allocation. The state will not get everything correct on the first attempt, but we are obligated by the initiative to adopt the legalization of marijuana. I will do my part in helping with a responsible roll out by voting on policies that reduce the immediate rush of retail locations into our communities, create sensible DUI laws, and make sure a portion of marijuana tax revenue goes to mental health and substance abuse programs.

(Kenneth Bogner represents Senate District 19. He can be reached at or 406-916-9690.)



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