March 24 Stardust

People and Perspectives from Miles City's past
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

25 YEARS AGO (1995)

A 50th wedding anniversary celebration was held recently at Caravan Oasis Recreational Vehicle Park in Yuma, Ariz., for Cecil and Betty Ryum. Mr. and Mrs. Ryum are former Miles City residents.

The 10th anniversary of Degree of Honor 505 and St. Patrick’s Day were celebrated through the theme for a recent Degree of Honor 505 banquet. Decorating committee members were Sandi Stewart, Joan Ohnstad and Barb Mittelstadt. Dorothy Mayberry was hostess.

Mary Regan, a senior volleyball player for the Miles City Cowgirls has been selected as a second team middle hitter on the Eastern A All Conference Team. Junior Andrea Moore was made honorable mention as an outside hitter.

Miles City viewers will be watching complete FOX programming by the end of the summer and eventually Miles City news and public affairs programming, on KYUS-TV. KYUS is now the local ABC affiliate. It is seen over the air on channel 3 and on cable on channel 4.

The next several meetings of the Miles City Study Commission likely will determine the direction it will take for the remainder of its two-year term, a couple of the panel’s members said last week. “We have to real soon narrow down the forms we are looking at,” said commission member Bill Nichol.

50 YEARS AGO (1970)

BIRTHS — A son to Mr. and Mrs. Larry South (Dori Adamski).

The Pine Hills School debate team, Brian Borgen and Bob Miller, won first place in the district debate meet in Glendive. Miller is president of the student council at the school. Dan Beller won second place in the extemporaneous contest. Dan is vice president of the student council. These three boys, under the supervision of instructor Dick Everingham, will compete in the state contest in Missoula.

County Sanitarian Karl Schlepp, in conjunction with the City-County Health Board and Mosquito Control Board, has issued a 12-point list of hints that the average citizen can apply to help minimize the mosquito problem in the Miles City area. The hints set down for the control of the flying pests are primarily designed to reduce breeding places in the Miles City area and there reduce the mosquito population..

Mike Lester of Sacred Heart High School was named to the All-Conference Team for District 2 in Class B by the Montana Coaches Association.

The Drove of Does met Wednesday evening at the Elks Home with Mrs. Rose Spek, first counselor, conducting the business meeting in the absence of Mrs. Elinor Vick, president. The business Bartels, Mrs. Betty Greenfie and Mrs. Laurie Choate sering refreshments.

75 YEARS AGO (1945)

The cast for the senio class play at Custer count high school has been chose Seniors taking parts in th play are Patsy Flinn, Bobb Lou Davis, Mary Alice Banum, Bob Wannebo, Lavern Pickart, Bernice Spek, Jan Leavitt, Gerald Irion, Joh Bohling, Clarence Stran Ingeborg Kelly, Thelma Jasen, Cecelia Taberna, an Ruth Herzog.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hamilton of Missoula are visitin at the home of his sister, Mr M. M. Ball, and family. Oth guests at the Ball home ar Pfc. and Mrs. Corbin Ball, so and daughter-in-law of Mr. an Mrs. Ball. Pfc. Ball is sttioned at Tuscaloosa, Ala., an is a movie operator at the Army post. His wife is makin her home in Seattle.

Lieutenant R. S. Comb known as Bob, son of Mr Edith Combs of Miles Cit piloted one of the Superfor that blasted the Nagoya secto A story from the 21st Bomb Command at Guam state Another Armada of Superfort possibly totaling 350, cascade 2,500 tons of bombs on indutrial Nagoya before dawn Moday in a strike designed to “fiish up” damage begun in 2,000 ton bombing of that Japnese city one week ago. “W d pilot who also flew the preous Nagoya strike.

100 YEARS AGO (1920)

Frank Laufle, one of t machinist’s helpers at t local shops, was severely hu in an accident between he and Tusler late yesterday. company with a number other Milwaukee men, M Laufle was hurrying eastwa in response to a call for asstance in repairing an engin A sudden mysterious checing of the car, thought ha been due to a stone, threw M Laufle forward. He pitch headlong into the gravel roadway, tearing his fa severely.

Beuna Campbell, one of t graduate nurses at the loc hospital recently employed the Northern Pacific gener hospital in Glendive, w reported yesterday as ill the smallpox, contracted, was said, from patients unexpectedly received at that instution.

News out of Glendive la night was that Glendive’s sitation was much worse than first reported. One of t objectionable features of t flood proved to be the flushi of the sewers by water forc through the sewage main Back pressure from the riv made water appear in t streets from broken mai prior to the general flood. lives were lost, it was sa although several persons were forced to take refuge in tree branches for two days and nights.