Mar. 28 News Briefs


US, South Korea overhaul 6-year-old free trade agreement

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration says a revamped deal with South Korea will give U.S. carmakers more access to the country and will provide protection from competition. Senior administration officials said Tuesday they reached an agreement to overhaul the 6-year-old U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity. President Donald Trump had called the original Korea pact a job killer. The new deal doubles the cars each U.S. automaker can export annually to South Korea, reduces bureaucratic barriers to American products and extends a 25 percent U.S. tariff on South Korean pickup trucks until 2041. South Korea escapes America’s new 25 percent tariff on imported steel but must accept quotas on steel shipments.

3 Facebook Messenger app users file lawsuit over privacy

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Three Facebook Messenger app users have filed a lawsuit claiming the social network violated their privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages. The suit, filed Tuesday in federal court in northern California comes as Facebook faces scrutiny over privacy concerns. Facebook acknowledged on Sunday that it began uploading call and text logs from phones running Google’s Android system in 2015. Facebook added that only users who gave appropriate permission were affected, that it didn’t collect the contents of messages or calls, and that users can opt out of the data collection and have the stored logs deleted by changing their app settings. The suit seeks class-action status.

Walmart bans Cosmopolitan from checkout aisles

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Walmart has removed Cosmopolitan magazine from its checkout aisles. The retailer says it was primarily a business decision, but concerns raised by groups over the magazine’s content were heard. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation says Walmart’s decision makes it a “leader and trailblazer in corporate responsibility.” In a statement, the group says Cosmo “places women’s value primarily on their ability to sexually satisfy a man and therefore plays into the same culture where men view and treat women as inanimate sex objects.” Walmart senior director of corporate affairs Meggan Kring says customers can find Cosmopolitan in the magazine section of its stores. An email seeking comment from Cosmopolitan’s parent company, Hearst, was not immediately returned.



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