Mar. 14 Agriculture Briefs

Thursday, March 14, 2019

CCCD announces irrigation water rights are available

Competing uses of Montana’s water have made it necessary to provide for local protection of future agricultural water development, according to a news release from the Custer County Conservation District.

The district has reserved water reservations available for agricultural irrigation use. This water carries a December 15, 1978 priority date, the news release noted.

The water reservation is a water right by the District for use by individuals in the county. The District was granted a reservation of up to 18,301 acre-feet of water from the Yellowstone River and 10,177 acre-feet of water from the Powder River and its tributaries, the news release explained.

Any irrigator or potential irrigation of agricultural land in Custer County may apply to the Conservation District if interested in using a portion of the District’s water right. Applications are available from the District office at 3120 Valley Dr. E. or by calling 406-232-7905 extension 3242. A $75 filing fee is charged to help cover the costs of processing the application and maintaining the reservations. A $700.00 fee is charged for a change authorization.

— by Star Staff

Iowa Leg. approves ag-gag bill

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Legislature has sent to the governor a bill designed to prosecute people who get hired at a farm or puppy mill in order to record animal living conditions.

The bill approved by both the Senate and House on Tuesday would create a trespass charge for undercover investigators at such operations. The bill, approved by the Senate 41-8 and the House 65-32, now goes to Gov. Kim Reynolds. A spokesman says she wants to see its final form but intends to sign it.