Man’s work-life balance isn’t working for overburdened mom

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Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: I have been married two years, but my husband and I have been together for more than 10. We have a 3-yearold daughter who has needed a few extra doctor appointments and therapy. My husband makes it to none of these extra appointments, some of which are crucial to her future. We both work full-time, but he works six days a week.

I have started to regard him differently because I’m doing everything for our daughter. Sometimes I feel like a single parent. I don’t want my marriage to fail, but we aren’t connecting anymore. I take off work or switch my hours around because I know that’s what you do for your child. He never takes off work, yet he doesn’t think twice about going golfing with his boss like it’s no big deal. What do you think I should do? — WISCONSIN MOMMY

DEAR MOMMY: Talk to your husband. You won’t be able to achieve a more equal balance until you make your feelings known and discuss this with him.

I’m sorry you didn’t mention what kind of job your husband has, because it’s an important omission. He may be doing everything he can for you and his daughter. A six-day-a-week schedule doesn’t offer much flexibility. And please don’t judge him for playing golf with his boss. A lot of business is discussed on the links, and his presence may be more compulsory than you realize.

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