LTE: We need a real swimming pool in Miles City

Friday, February 19, 2021


My name is Aaron Jordan and I am a local Boy Scout with Troop 222. We need a real swimming pool here in Miles City. The Oasis is not a pool, it’s river water treated with chemicals with bacteria in it. I swam twice at the Oasis this last summer and had swimmers itch all over me and ended up in the emergency room with an inner ear infection. I ended up having to take Benadryl and Zyrtec for over a week and shower each night using oatmeal lotion and Benadryl cream.

The ducks, snails and frogs put the bacteria back into the water that is not moving.

We have the space in Miles City for a pool at the Oasis, with the docks and diving board already built. A concrete foundation can be added for the pool. We already have a building to store and change clothes in and the parking needed.

I realize a splash pad has been projected for Wibaux Park but there is not enough space for parking that the splash pad will require. And what is the age limit? Is the age limit like the Frog Pool? If so, that leaves a lot of elementary, middle school and teens out of luck.

We have smaller towns around us that have real swimming pools. The Miles City community really needs to consider a swimming pool in our community. This could also be used as an attraction to bring more people to Miles City to shop and keep people in Miles City.

Aaron Jordan

Miles City



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