Locate-Knowlton Homemakers and Knowlton Cemetery Association celebrating anniversaries

Star Staff

The 100th anniversary of the Knowlton Cemetery Association and the 70th anniversary of the Locate-Knowlton Homemakers group are being observed this month. To celebrate these occasions, a potluck luncheon and afternoon of storytelling are planned on Sunday at the Knowlton Community Hall. 

Activities will begin at noon with the luncheon, according to a news release from the Locate-Knowlton Homemakers. The event is open to the public and all who plan to attend should also being food to share. Main dishes, salads, desserts, side dished, rolls and beverages will be welcome.

In addition to visiting about the cemetery and the homemakers organization, those attending may take self-guided tours of the cemetery throughout the afternoon. The event is open to the public, free of charge.

On Oct. 13, 1917, Harry B. Anderson and William George, along with five other area residents, incorporated the Knowlton Cemetery. Associates were Thomas George, H.B. Wood, Martin Rockwell, Loren Todd and George Lawrence.

Every Memorial Day, the Knowlton community hosts a cemetery clean up, followed by a picnic. This generally brings in several out-of-town people to help and remember their family members who are buried there.

These volunteers have been instrumental in building a shelter over the serving tables at George Park and updating the outhouse. James Anderson of Knowlton also has been working on getting the cemetery records up-to-date.

In May 1947, Knowlton area resident Nora Bradshaw decided that since the ladies were getting together to picnic while the men worked on a new rodeo arena at Locate, they should start a homemakers club. She visited with then first-year Custer County Agent Art Kegel about meeting with the women and he helped them start a homemakers organization.

For 70 years the group has met on the first Tuesday of each month from September through May. They gather for lunch with the hostess and co-hostess providing meat and potatoes. The other members bring salads and desserts. An educational demonstration usually follows a brief meeting.

Officers of the club are Marilyn May, president; Carol French, vice president; and Marjorie Anderson, secretary-treasurer.