Local tired of political games and bickering

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


For the first time since Trump was elected, he decided to pay a visit to Montana earlier last month. But it wasn’t to sit down with community leaders, like Jon Tester was doing on July 5. It wasn’t to hear from local veterans. It wasn’t to meet with Montanans. Instead, it was to play political games and rally against the very senator who Trump has worked with on 18 bills this Congress.

Although I can’t speak for every Montanan, one thing I always hear is that folks are sick and tired of politics as usual. We’re sick of the partisan bickering, and we’re sick of our representatives spending more time playing games up in Washington than rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.

Jon has always worked hard to be the kind of representative Montana can be proud of. He is a grizzly bear in the Senate who puts Montanans first every day—and his record shows it. Senator Tester has passed more bills this Congress alone (16 total!) than some senators have passed in their entire careers. And the person who signed them into law? President Trump.

I’m proud to be able to vote for Jon this November. I have no doubt that if Jon is re-elected, he will only continue to build on his work with the president when it’s good for Montana, and hold government accountable when it isn’t.

Georgia Mentikov

Miles City



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