Local disappointed in newspaper coverage

Saturday, June 30, 2018


I can’t believe how insensitive the publisher, editor and reporters of the Miles City Star were to the numerous victims when reporting on the case of Morgan Pett. I see no reason why Mr. Austin Lott felt it necessary to provide so many specific details of this crime when he reported this horrendous story that was published in the paper on June 13th. And, there was certainly no need for Ms. Ashley Roness to again repeat the details in her article on June 19th when reporting on the same story. And, why Mr. Casey Jones, the editor and Mr. Dan Killoy, the publisher, allowed these articles to be printed with such detail is very disturbing and distasteful.

While the details of this awful crime may be of public record in the courts, and as a community we should be apprised of what is happening in our surroundings, I don’t see why the specific details needed to be revealed to the readers of the Miles City Star and subsequent readers of the many publications who chose to repeat the same articles. None of your readers needed this meticulous information. Those who need to know the specific facts can visit the courts and police department to seek out additional information on their own. The rest of us should be apprised of the crime but with attention given to what we really need to know.

Printing such specific details of this account not only harmed the juvenile victim of this case, but also the victim’s family, as well as the family of Mr. Pett. How would you feel if you had to read something so explicit and terrible about any of your family whether it be your child, grandchild, sister, brother, parent or even an acquaintance? Put yourself in the victim’s shoes before you begin writing.

It is sad to know that these articles are now a part of your historical files for all to research and see in the future. A lot of crimes that do happen in our area are never reported with so many specific details as these two articles were. Why these?

Miles City is a great town to live in where a lot of wondeful things happen that should be on the front page of the Miles City Star. Some of these things never get a mention let alone with much detail. I do commend Mrs. Pett and Mr. Campbell for their actions in this account. I just wish our local media and fellow community members could have been as responsible with their reporting actions.

Janice Champion

Miles City