LETTERS: Trump hurting post office, public lands

Thursday, November 1, 2018



President Trump and his cronies are again calling for the privatization of the United States Postal Service and selling off our public lands.

Our postal system, including Montana’s rural system, is imperiled. In 2005 the USPS was debt-free. The lame-duck Republican-led Congress at the end of 2006 passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. This ‘regulation’ forced the USPS to pre-fund future health benefits for the next 75 years by putting aside billions of dollars to pay benefits for employees not even hired, making it financially impossible to continue in business.

The Republican solution, again, is to privatize the USPS. Montanans should give this threat serious consideration.

Rural, non-profitable, post offices would be eliminated, severely impacting Montana and causing rural communities to disappear.

The other Republican threat is to our public lands and safety nets. Their ‘tax cut’ last year has caused a spike in the deficit by nearly a trillion dollars. There are no funds available to address our serious infrastructure problems. The Republican solution-sell off our public lands and go after Social Security and Medicare to make up for the trillions of dollars given away to the corporations and the wealthiest Americans. Gianforte and Rosendale have assured us they will rubber stamp anything Trump wants. If this is what you want vote for them or, you can do what I will do to help put this country and Montana onto a firm economic footing, vote for Kathleen Williams and Senator Tester.

Terry Hanson

Miles City, MT


Greg Gianforte is in Washington to rubber stamp policies that benefit the wealthy elite, of which he is one.

His attempt to close down a public fishing access near his home pretty much sums up his attitude toward us commoners.

Maybe it’s time Montana gives a woman a chance once again.

A woman who doesn’t have anger-management issues, who supported locked- out union workers, who will work to keep affordable health care for Montanans, and who -YES! - hunts and owns guns.

Please give Kathleen Williams consideration when you vote for your U.S. Representative.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Livingston, MT


Why are Greg Gianforte and Matt Rosendale asking for President Trump’s help in their campaigns?

They should understand the Montana’s Republican Party has a rich and progressive history of fighting outsiders and their money in our politics.

If they really want to “Drain the Swamp,” they should campaign without so many trips from the rich elitists, like Donald Trump and his family.

Mike Archdale

Wibaux, MT