LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local congratulates MCC Lady Pioneers

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


I had the pleasure of watching the Miles Community College Lady Pioneers basketball team play Rocky Mountain College JV a few weeks ago and, wow, they play amazing basketball.

If you want to see great team defense and unselfish team offense then you must see them in action. They employ a high-pressure, full-court defense, always going for the steal, and always rotating and switching to plug any defensive holes.

All players seem to be able to successfully defend all the positions because they are such good athletes and give 100 percent effort. Their offense was just as great. The extra pass was always made to the player who had the easiest and most open shot.

No one threw up an off balance three-point attempt, no one excessively dribbled around the floor to create their own shot, no one drove the ball toward the basket pell-mell against two defenders fixated on scoring while ignoring wide open teammates. Instead, the MCC squad moved the ball around making everyone an offensive threat.

Their offense had great player spacing and good ball movement. Nothing was static and no shot rushed. All the Pioneers moved, cut, screened, and ran plays, and none of them seemed to be thinking of their own stat sheet.

I even saw the ball go to the screener most of the time on the pick and roll instead of the dribbler just keeping it for a glory score — and that is rare in today’s game.

Great job coach (Nate) Vogel, coach Keller and the Lady Pioneers, you all put on a wonderful show and deserve your success. And, thanks for coming up into the stands after the game to thank the fans.

Joe Carr

Miles City