LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Follow the rules for fireworks


Let me say I am not asking to ban fireworks over the permitted three days as designated by the city council. I understand the financial benefit, the fun provided to kids and adults, and to those who are thinking of our Declaration of Independence in 1776.

I am asking for those of you who do not follow directions and shoot your fireworks off in residential areas to follow the city ordinance and do so in the allowed specific areas. This is being respectful to veterans and others who may suffer from PTSD, and seniors who do not tolerate loud noises and can’t escape the noise. And don’t forget our pets and other animals who are frightened by the loud noises.

I am asking the above out of respect for the ones who do not participate in shooting off fireworks, and for those of you who do, please show respect for others and follow the ordinance.


Muriel Rost