LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Enjoying God’s Creation


I was recently enjoying God’s creation once again in Yellowstone National Park. At the large, beautiful Lake Yellowstone Hotel I overheard a father giving instructions to his son. Starting in 1960, my father began taking me to that hotel and that park of such amazing natural phenomena.  

Just as my father would have guided me, this father, Bruce, cared enough, not just to conserve things for the sake of the environment, but to train his 8-year-old son, Jordan, to develop the proper character of a gentleman.

I was encouraged to see that a random visitor from Charlotte, North Carolina, would care enough to tell his son: “Just one paper towel.” I hope that more Americans will give their sons the kind of training I received from my father over half a century ago.

What difference does one paper towel make? Oh, I guess about as much as Ben Franklin taking the trouble to say: “A penny saved, is a penny earned.” People today are still benefitting to the tune of millions of dollars by the money saved by Ben Franklin over two centuries ago.


Dan Manka