LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Deficit will rise with tax bill


Republicans in the Senate just passed a bill that will, when all the flimflammery is said and done, raise taxes for most Americans and gives a huge tax cut to the wealthy. It also will add over a trillion dollars to the deficit.

No, really, Republicans did that. Without a single Democrat helping them.

Republicans raised taxes on the poor, gave the money to the rich, and exploded the deficit. They also sabotaged our health care system, assuring that rates will go up, attacked environmental protections, and did only God knows what else.

Actually, as Sen. [Jon] Tester (R-Mont.) pointed out, maybe only a handful of corporate lobbyists knows what else. The bill, which was 500 pages long, was given to the Senate only just before voting began. Amendments were handwritten in the margins, much of it illegible.

So, most senators didn’t have even a clue what they were voting on. The ones who voted for it — all Republican — just took the word of corporate lobbyists that it was good, all good.

I’m wondering who is going to be deciphering the illegible handwriting. A corporate lobbyist? And are they going to be faithful to what they intended to write, or, since no one knows what that was, are they going to twist the bill to their advantage some more? Why wouldn’t they? No one is going to catch them.

Anybody out there tired of being governed by Republicans yet?


Wade Sikorski