Learn to work with everyone


Dear editor,

My thoughts after re-reading Mayor Grenz's article several times:

What a disappointment, Mayor Grenz. You have displayed a perfect example of the “Good Ole Boy” system. From my experience, this system does not display the interest of the Miles City citizens, but that of the trio consisting of You, Mayor Grenz, Ward 1 Bill Melnik and Ward 2 John Uden, and with that I am more than positive that the people of Miles City have done their very best to dissolve this “Good Ole Boy” system and would prefer it that way.

You have state that you do not know how the running candidates stand on issues. I bet you do know what Ward 1 and Ward 2 stance is on the issues and that you have differing opinions. 

My other concern is that you are laying the ground work for harassing and or not able to work with the new council.

Overall, you seem to be stating your inability or willingness to even try to work with new blood.


Concerned Citizen of Miles City

Hazel Shumaker