Keeping our community safe

Dr. Michael Bush Guest Columnist
Friday, October 1, 2021
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During the recent surge of COVID-19, our Miles City community has been impacted severely, seeing numbers that we rarely saw during the first wave of the pandemic last fall. As of Wednesday, September 29, there were 161 active cases of COVID-19 in Custer County. At Holy Rosary Healthcare, we see this impact at the hospital.

Please know that our number one priority is to protect the health and safety of our patients, doctors, nurses, staff, and community. As of Thursday, September 30, 11 COVID-19 patients are being treated at Holy Rosary Healthcare. Leadership at Holy Rosary actively assesses our overall capacity and staffing regularly to ensure a balanced patient load and highquality care, and Holy Rosary is fortunate to be part of an extensive healthcare system.

SCL Health has a coordinated care program that allows its hospitals in Montana and Colorado to share resources and monitor capacity on a real-time basis. Ultimately, we can increase our capacity to ensure we can provide safe, quality care to as many patients as possible. If a patient requires a higher level of care than we can provide in Miles City, we have streamlined processes that allow us to contact other hospitals in Montana to ensure we can safely transfer the patient to a facility that can provide the level of care needed.

While we focus on providing high-quality care to the community, we ask that you do everything you can to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in our community and take care of your friends and neighbors. The current increase in COVID-19 cases has been caused predominantly by the more contagious delta variant, generating a more significant number of people to get sick and become sick sooner. We encourage you to use all the protective measures possible to help our community stay safe and healthy. First and foremost, the best way to prevent serious illness is to get vaccinated. In addition to being available at other local pharmacies, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is available at the Holy Rosary Healthcare Clinic on a walk-in basis. In addition to getting vaccinated, we urge our community to practice good hand hygiene, wear masks when in public spaces, and practice social distancing.

Finally, as another measure to protect the health and safety of our patients, visitors, and associates, as of 8 a.m. on Monday, September 27, Holy Rosary Healthcare is allowing only one visitor per patient per 24 hours. All visitors must be 12 years of age or older. We thank you for understanding and appreciate your help in keeping our community safe.

For any questions about the COVID-19 vaccine or any COVID-19 related questions, please call the Holy Rosary Healthcare COVID Help Line Monday through Friday at 406-233-2533.

(Dr. Michael Bush is the Chief Medical Officer at Holy Rosary Healthcare.)



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