Jan. 26 Schools Menu

Jan. 29-Feb. 2

Miles City School District No. 1 — Breakfast

All breakfasts are served with Grade A milk.

Nutrition tip: Practice stealthy health — sneak veggies into favorite foods. Go light on the meat and top your pizza with vegetables like tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and artichoke hearts.

Monday — Cereal, granola bar, applesauce and juice.

Tuesday — Chex Mix, grahams, crasins and juice.

Wednesday — Breakfast bar, string cheese and Pineapple Pal.

Thursday — Blueberry muffin, string cheese and grapes.

Friday — Cereal, yogurt, orange cup and juice.

Miles City School District No. 1 — Lunch

All lunches are served with fat free and 1% milk.

A full salad bar is served daily as a second option at Washington Middle School.

Monday — Pigs in a Blanket, baked beans, corn and apple slices.

Tuesday — Sloppy Joes, mixed veggies, peas and Mandarin oranges.

Wednesday — Pizza, salad and carrots, peaches and sugar cookie.

Thursday — Ham and Potato Soup, dinner roll, fresh veggies, mixed fruit and grahams.

Friday — Classroom Lottery.

Sacred Heart Parish School — Lunch

All lunches are served with 1% milk.

Monday — Crab Alfredo, carrot medley, roll with butter, garden salad and fruit.

Tuesday — Barbecued pork, chips, peas, garden salad and fruit.
Wednesday — Tacos, refried beans, corn, garden salad and fruit.