Healthy Living luncheon encourages ‘mindful’ eating

Star Staff Writer

This month’s Healthy Living luncheon at Holy Rosary Healthcare gave attendees tips on how to cultivate a new mindset about eating.

Registered dietitians Beverly McHugh and Doris Biersdorf presented a program titled “Intuitive Eating: The 10 Principles” via video conference from Billings. They also led a discussion between attendees in Billings and in Miles City.

The idea behind “intuitive eating,” McHugh explained, is to change the way you think about eating.

She described it as a switch from “mindless” eating to “mindful” eating.

The presenters encouraged the attendees, who had been instructed to bring their own lunches, to slow the eating experience down significantly.

The goal, as McHugh and Biersdorf revealed through a set of probing questions, was to encourage people to avoid the tendency to eat as quickly as possible, and to listen to cues from their body to avoid over-eating.

McHugh explained hunger on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being “starving” and 10 being “gorged.” She suggested it was healthier if they ate when they got to a three — merely hungry — and stopped when they reached a seven, which she called “comfortably full.”

The dietitians recommended against skipping breakfast, since it often leads to over-eating at lunch.

After the presentation, participants at both locations broke into groups to discuss the 10 principles in a handout given to attendees. The principles include:

— rejecting the diet mentality.

— honoring your hunger.

— making peace with food.

— respecting your fullness.

— discovering the satisfaction factor

— honoring your feelings without using food.

— respecting your body.

— exercising.

— honoring your health.

The next Healthy Living event is Thursday, Feb. 15 at HRH at 2600 Wilson

St. in Miles City. The topic will be “Healthy Heart.” Call 406-233-4053 to attend. Space is limited.

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