Happy (Jewish) New Year

Susan Estrich Syndicated Columnist
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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COVID? Last year, we thought it might be the last year.

This year, we know better.

In Los Angeles, we’ve pretty much outlawed COVID. In Florida, you’ve got a right to have COVID. Texas, too. Me, I’d rather pay taxes and outlaw COVID.

It’s the new federalism. Red states have a right to die. Intensive care units in Southern states are packed. Those are the states with the lowest vaccination rates. And the biggest regrets.

Those Republicans! How clever can you be! Every 10 years, there’ll be fewer of them in Congress, fewer electors.

Is that right? Actually, it’s entirely wrong. In 1954, a massive clinical trial of 6-year-olds began. It was the end of polio. The end of iron lungs.

Dwight Eisenhower was president. It never occurred to anyone to opt out of the cure.

No, it took Facebook and social media and Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson to get that stupid.

Worse: Remember Donald Trump got the antibodies. The Donald Trumps will always get the antibodies. And Donald Trump got rushed to the hospital.

And if you want to get cynical, consider this. Whoever wants to live can. Whoever wants a vaccine can get one. So, who cares if whoever doesn’t want one doesn’t get one?

Let President Joe Biden lose the war. Why not?

Let them set up tents in Kentucky ...

In fact, the rich folks in South Florida are getting vaccines. Vaccination rates are high in Palm Beach. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, gets tested every day.

Hospitalization rates are down — DOWN — in California. The emergency is over in Massachusetts. Ditto for New Jersey.

On the other hand.

On the other hand, 1 in 4 new cases are in children.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccines for children under 12, who will make that decision? The government? The parents? The social workers?

What is in the best interest of the children of America?

There is a longstanding tradition of parents knowing best — not because they always do, but because no one else does. But really: For public school, everybody is supposed to be vaccinated. Or they were supposed to be. We wiped out smallpox. We wiped out measles. Until we didn’t.

Why would anyone want the “right” to have mumps or chicken pox? Or German measles? These were things to be avoided.

Why would anyone want the “right” to have COVID-19?

Sooner, not later, the rules will be set for a world in which COVID is a reality and, therefore, vaccinations are also a reality — and phony vaccination cards are also a reality.

Are you the patient? I am. If I’m the patient, then I don’t need to be scanned. But of course. I don’t need proof of a negative COVID test. I don’t need proof of a vaccine. I need treatment, after all; therefore, I don’t need proof.

Roughly half the hospital ICU is non-COVID. The other half is COVID. Then there is the step-down COVID and the step-down non-COVID.

Then there is the business of the fans. The internal circulation, the external circulation, the seals, the noise, the face shields, the emergency rooms and the third shots (rheumatoid arthritis!).

And at the end of the day — does anyone trust anyone?

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