Greige (Part II)

Kathleen Kjolhaug Religion Columnist
Friday, April 23, 2021
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I’m back. Last week I was telling you about my need for a painting therapist. It was one thing to walk into a store announcing confidently that I’d like the color “Greige” for my kitchen … and it’s another thing altogether to learn that “Greige” is not a specific color, but rather a color pallet with a whole lot of choices to choose from.

I’d narrowed it down to about four paint samples (give or take a few) for my kitchen makeover. I wanted my walls to go with the up-cycled gray cabinet I’d purchased. Taking the old and making it new again seems to me a theme as of late in many areas of my life.

“See, I am doing a new thing” (Isaiah 43:19).

Apparently, now it was time to make new my kitchen.

For the past two weeks I’d been on the lookout for just the right color, and although close, not one seemed to do the trick … or so I thought. More suggestions came in from my volunteer corps of idea givers and with each one given, I dashed off in hunt of the just right paint color.

Those who are familiar with this process realize how small the swatches can be. Holding each one up upon various walls at various times of the day was more than trying as I tried my best to figure this all out. One was too pinkish, one too greenish, one too gray, and one too brown. Soon, they all began to blur and try as I might … I was back to square one.

Back to the drawing board I went with my samples. As I began once again, the same colors I’d chosen earlier began resurfacing as my final choices. Profoundly pumped, it appeared as though I was narrowing it down. When the decision was finally made, and the paint was upon the wall, and the old was made new, I actually liked it!

All this fun because I’d purchased an up-cycled gray cabinet which inspired new paint upon my walls, which led to new items to hang upon the newly painted walls, which led to new kitchen counter stools as the old clashed desperately with it all. When done it was noted the old green countertops would be next on the list to go, and as far as the eye can see, the area rug upon the floor could use replacing. And so it goes …

Inspiration comes from many places. Oswald Chambers says,

“A river touches much of which its source knows nothing.”

Indeed it does. I’m thankful for the up-cyclers, the paint makers, the wall décor designers, and kitchen stool creators. I look forward to meeting countertop people and area rug fabricators.

And what did God say after He finished with all that He’d created? Did He say it was good? No, He did not.

What He did say was, “It is very good” (Gen. 1:31).

So blessed we are to be surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses who care about the smallest of details which help offer hospitality to those who pass through. For this, I am grateful.


(Kathleen Kjolhaug is a religion columnist.)