Greige (Part I)

Kathleen Kjolhaug Religion Columnist
Friday, April 16, 2021
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“Paint it ‘Greige’ mom,” said my daughter. “It’s a nice combination of gray and brown tones. It’s much warmer than a cool singular gray color.”

It sounded good to me, and so I arrived at the paint store to put in a request for my new kitchen colors. “I’d like to see the paint color ‘Greige,’ please.”

The keeper of the paint store gently nudged me over to the choices. “It’s a color pallet. You have many shades from which to choose.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster. Decisions aren’t my forte. It’s not like I don’t make good ones. I do. However, factor in the number of choices for any given decision and … well, “Houston, we have a problem!”

Some say you can always repaint … it’s just paint. I say, I need to get it right the first time because I don’t want to spend time redoing it. Thus began my dilemma.

I came home with many samples to say the least. More suggestions came in, and soon I was off and running to gather each one. I loaded up on every swatch that looked like a color match and at this point, there were a BUNCH!

Narrowing it down came easily enough until the sunlight moved within the room. I began digging out the ones I’d already put away in order to compare and contrast. Soon, there were not just a few narrowed down color choices, but many, and thus it went.

I sent videos in order to gather opinions from those I trusted. For several days … back and forth the discussions went.

“I need a decorating therapist,” was my S.O.S. sent out to one who was willing to put up with my oral processing.

“Lord, you know my needs before I even ask. I ask for you to make it clear to me what color you’d like me to paint my kitchen. This space serves others. It’s a place my kids call home, and I have time to focus on this now. Please, I ask You to give me some sense of direction in this decision making process. Help bring about a peace so I know it’s the right choice. It’s becoming a distraction and at times an obsession. Help me to see things as you see them and not how I perceive them to be. May this process of discernment be a blessing as unto the Lord.”

“I pray this Lord, in Your name. Amen.”

I’m heading out the door. I’ll keep you posted once I’m back. (To be continued.)

(Kathleen Kjolhaug is a religion columnist.)