Gone Too Soon

Monday, June 7, 2021
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The community came out to pay their last respects to Bill Harding, 57, who passed away as a result of a horse accident last week. Todd LaRowe and Chet Holmes with the team of horses and wagon carrying the casket pass though the arches at Custer County Cemetery, they are followed by a string of outriders. Harding was a youth sports coach. He coached Miles City youth baseball, Babe Ruth, Little Guy football and AAU wrestling. He was also part of the board behind the inception of the Miles City Ranch Rodeo. Harding was also part of the initialization of the Eastern Montana Ranch Rodeo. His work in Miles City and the area didn’t stop there. He was also a brand inspector and worked many of the local rodeos. STAR PHOTO/Sharon Moore



How do you feel about HB 102? The bill which is currently held up in the courts would allow concealed carry firearms on college campuses in Montana.