Glendive considering allowing chickens

Jason Stuart
Yellowstone Newspapers

After a couple of years of the issue falling by the wayside, the city council chambers of Glendive City Hall were clucking again on Monday with the sound of local residents urging city council members to allow city residents to keep chickens on their property. 

Local residents John Stonehocker and Dave Brown approached the city Ordinance Committee requesting that the city amend its longstanding ban against chickens. 

“We’re just interested in having chickens in town,” Stonehocker said. “We’re a pretty small community, a pretty small agricultural community, and even though we live in town, I’d still like my two kids to have experience with livestock and things.” 

Ordinance Committee chairman Leon Baker immediately pointed out that the issue has been raised in recent years, but that city officials, particularly Fire Chief George Lane, had concerns about the idea of allowing chickens in town due to fire concerns over chicken coops. 

Stonehocker and Brown noted, however, that many larger, more densely populated cities than Glendive allow chickens in town.

The committee ultimately took no action or made any recommendation to the full council, though they did not fully shut the door on the idea.

They suggested that Stonehocker, Brown and others supportive of allowing chickens in the city keep working on the proposal and they would be willing to revisit it again at a later date.