Gentlemen's Barbers: Top Kut offers manly services

Gentlemen’s barbers have been making a comeback but Top Kut Barbershop in Miles City takes it to a whole new level.

Owner Kile McQuirk Sr. said a gentlemen’s barber does everything — hair, beards, straight-razor shaves and hot towel service. 

Top Kut does all that and more, like shaving sports logos designs into the hair, barbershop facials and providing all the products a guy could want, like hair tonics, gels and colognes.

He said there probably hasn’t been a gentlemen’s barber in Miles City for more than 50 years. And there probably hasn’t been a shop like Top Kut in Miles City  ever.

“It’s really old school with a modern twist,” he said. “There’s only a handful of places in Montana that do the kind of stuff we do.”

Though their customers include women and children, McQuirk’s focus is to be “gentlemen’s barbers” for the “uptown” barbershop, he said. 

He explained that in the past a man would just sit down and ask for a haircut and the barber gave the customer a basic cut. 

Now hair cuts often are requested by various specific lengths.

 “They can get exactly the hair style they want. We cater to you,” from hair cuts for boys to “high and tight” cuts for military men to modern cuts for teens, he said.

Many of the hairstyles are on the shop’s Facebook page.

The shop opened on July 23, 2015 and recently moved a few doors down — from 907 Main St. to 901 Main St. — but the difference in visibility is great.

First the corner shop was remodeled “from the floor to the ceiling,” McQuirk said.

“I took a photo of a 1930 barbershop, then I just duplicated it. Then I added my sports stuff: jerseys and pennants,” he said.

When people pass the shop while it is dark outside but light inside, people slow down to look into the eye-catching shop.

Customer service is a high priority and McQuirk is happy to report “I’ve never had anyone not leave here without a smile on their face.”

Many of their appointments are made over Facebook and they get about 75 walk-ins a week. 

Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director John Laney said “I think (McQuirk) would be successful at anything he does. He’s real personable and works hard.”

Barberettes Faith Haynie, Niki Minkoff and Lauren Hager also work at the shop. 

As for the men’s products, McQuirk has distribution deals on some of the products so he has the only barbershop in the state to carry some of the products, including Miles City’s own Foster’s Finest products, which McQuirk and local pharmacist Mike Etchemendy created.

“The main thing about this shop is that it is my personal payback, contribution to the community. I know it’s what I’m suppose to be doing,” he said.

He explained that six years ago he was a single parent bringing home a newborn.

“Everyone helped me. Everyone helped us. The community gave and gave and gave. Now I’m able to raise my children as a single parent and help the community,” he said. Kile Jr. is 6 years old and Laila is 5. 

He said he likes being able to show them how to help a community even if it requires a lot of work.

“Kids learn by what they see you do,” he said.

He and his barberettes have gone to the VA to give veterans free hair cuts and his son helped him distribute toys to 83 kids at Christmas.  

McQuirk said his shop is the best thing to happen to him. “It’s a lot of hard work, but we’re here now.”

The shop can be reached at 852-0041 or on Facebook. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.