Garfield gets new principal

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Miles City Unified Board of Trustees, the board hired a new principal for Garfield Elementary School, as Principal Laurie Huffman is leaving. 

Josh Patterson of Noxon, Mont., was selected. He is currently the superintendent and elementary principal in Noxon. 

Patterson is a graduate of Middle Georgia College with a degree in Middle Grades Education. He later continued on to get his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Georgia and his master’s degree in Education Leadership from Bethel University in Tennessee. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Education Leadership from Montana State University. He is expected to graduate in 2018. 

Patterson spent two years teaching high school English in North Georgia. He then spent two years as a principal intern at a high school in West Tennessee. He later relocated to Central Florida and taught one year of high school English. He relocated to Montana and spent two years as an English teacher and high school/junior high principal in Noxon.  

Patterson will be relocating with his wife and four children. 

All three candidates were interviewed during this week’s meeting of the Unified Board of Trustees. The other candidates were Lisa Criswell of Hysham and Shari Oberg of Nevada. 

Some of the questions consisted of what work experience they have for the position, their strengths, criticism they have received in the past and more. 

According to Patterson, one of his strengths is that he learns from his mistakes. The most criticism he’s received over the years has been about his communication skills, which he says he is continuing to work on. 

He emphasized the importance of building trust with the students, staff, parents and community. He also wants to have an open-door policy and would listen before he took action.