Friday's American Oddities

The Associated Press

Mystery couple picking up tabs at Pennsylvania restaurant

WASHINGTON, Pa. (AP) — A mystery couple has been picking up the checks for other customers at a southwestern Pennsylvania restaurant.

KDKA-TV reports the couple has been doing that for years at the Applebee’s in Washington, Pennsylvania, but only recently have their good deeds come to light.

Jolie Welling says she was celebrating her daughter’s birthday only to find the couple recently paid the entire tab — for 16 people. Samantha Powell, the waitress for that party, says the gesture touched her, too, and almost brought her to tears.

Bernie Lewis, the restaurant’s assistant manager, says she has sworn to keep the couple’s secret.

Powell knows them, too, and says they own a local business. She says the man once told her he pays others’ checks because, “I grew up poor and now I’m not.”


Wayward couple rescued after driving into Atlantic Ocean

TREMONT, Maine (AP) — Maine firefighters say they had to rescue a New York couple who took a wrong turn and mistakenly drove into the Atlantic Ocean.

WMTW-TV reports firefighters were called to the docks in Tremont around 8 p.m. Tuesday after there were reports of two people trapped in a car in the water. Officials say the couple’s SUV was in 8-to-10 feet (2.4 to 3.1 meters) of water after they traveled down a boat ramp into the water.

A video shows extremely foggy conditions in the area of the dock.

Rescuers were able to pull the couple onto a skiff, and then pulled the SUV back to shore.

An ambulance crew evaluated the couple.


Farmer finds Wagyu steer after weeklong search

UNITY, Maine (AP) — A rare steer is back with its owner after escaping from a Maine county fair last week.

The Kennebec Journal reports Jason Stutheit captured his Wagyu steer Wednesday night near the fairgrounds. Stutheit’s 13-month-old steer jumped out of the stall while at the Common Ground County Fair in Unity last week.

The steer evaded searchers by travelling at night and cooling off in the shade during the day.

Stutheit runs a grass-fed beef farm in Brooks where he sells both Angus and Wagyu beef. The farmer owns two Wagyu steer. Wagyu beef is valued for its quality and sells for about $100 per pound.

Stutheit says he enjoyed the fair but hopes his steer is better behaved next year.