Emerine R. Hanlan

Emerine R. Hanlan, 91, of Broadus passed away Wednesday night, March 15, 2017 at the Powder River Manor in Broadus with family at her side. She lived at the Manor for nearly ten years.

Emerine was born in Gillette, Wyoming on Nov. 21, 1925, the daughter of Emerson and Thelma (Berry) Lanham. The family operated a ranch on Bitter Creek with Emerine’s grandparents CP and Fanny Berry. They raised cattle and registered thoroughbred horses; the stallions were on loan from the military remount Station in Ft. Robinson, Nebraska. Her father did most of the training of the horses.

Emerine started school when she was 5 years old. School was easy for her. When she was about 6 her parents built their new house a few miles away from the grandparents, moving their four children. The children continued going to school near Bitter Creek.

Emerine graduated 8th grade in the spring of 1939 and took her freshman year of high school by correspondence. Her father passed early in 1940. She assumed many responsibilities for the family.

Her great aunt and uncle, Ettie and Jack Hunter, invited her to live with them and go to school in Buffalo for her sophomore year.

Going to school in Buffalo opened her eyes to a whole new world. She did a lot of school activities and also helped at the church activities. She also helped a number of old ladies fix their hair. Emerine got to learn a lot of history of the Buffalo area on her jaunts with the Hunters and their friends.

During her sophomore year, she became engaged to Everett Hanlan, whom she met at her grandparent’s ranch.

For her junior year Emerine and her sister Ester moved to Gillette for school. She worked hard so she could attend normal training her senior year.

Emerine was able to take normal training her senior year; World War II had arrived and Everett was drafted into the army. They got married on Oct. 5, 1942 on his only furlough. Emerine graduated from Gillette High School in May 1943.

Emerine lived on Bitter Creek, teaching rural school for the next 2 years. Their daughter Evelyn was born June 27, 1943. While she was teaching and helping with family and ranch duties, Emerine used her own financial resources to buy a small ranch for her and Everett. Her grandfather, CP Berry, went with her to select a bull but she paid for it by trading her big red roan gelding for the bull from Bob Beason.

Everett arrived home from the army in late Sept. 1945.

They lived on Bitter Creek for about a year and then bought a larger ranch on Butte Creek in Powder River County, Montana. They moved to the new ranch on Oct. 31, 1946. Their second daughter Pat was born Feb. 4, 1947.

Emerine helped on the ranch, enjoyed gardening, flowers, chickens, and getting to know new neighbors, one of which was her former teacher Erma Rumph.

Since there was no school close for the girls to attend, Emerine went back to teaching. For fourteen more years she taught the following schools: Baking Powder, Olmstead, Black Tail, Huckins, Moorhead, Hay Creek, Rumph, Wright Creek, Terry Elem., and Pershing Creek.

Emerine loved teaching and enjoyed her students. She was always proud when she heard of their accomplishments. At one time, she had three former students as county commissioners in three different counties.

After retiring from teaching, Emerine did lots more ranch work, and wrote news columns for the Miles City Star and Broadus paper. She also worked hard on the Echoing Footsteps book. She was instrumental in getting the Cowbelles started locally. Also, in the fall of 1982 she was instrumental in getting the first quilt show organized.

Emerine and Everett made the tough decision to move to Broadus in Sept. 2004; they bought a house and moved to town; they sold the ranch in Jan. 2005.

Emerine is survived by her husband Everett (74 yrs.), 2 daughters, Evelyn Kraft and Pat Hanlan; a sister, Ester McBride of Recluse, WY; a brother, Bill (Marilyn) Lanham of Brentwood, California; 2 nieces; 7 great nieces and nephews of which include 2 sets of twins. 

She was preceded in death by her parents; a sister, Bonnie Bartlett; a nephew, Robert Allen Brent; and son-in-law Dan Kraft.

Funeral services were held on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at the Powder River Congregational Church in Broadus. Interment followed in the Valley View Cemetery in Broadus. Refreshments were served at the church following the graveside. Stevenson & Sons Funeral Home of Broadus was in charge of the arrangements.