Elway says he wants QB Case Keenum to stay in Denver

Thursday, February 28, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — John Elway says he wants Case Keenum to stay in Denver this season, but he's given his incumbent quarterback the option of leaving if he wants.

NFL rules prevent Elway from discussing his pending acquisition of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, a trade that won't become official until the start of the league year on March 13.

But he can talk about Keenum, and he did just that Wednesday at the NFL scouting combine.

"My preference would be for him to stay," Elway said.

That would require a contract restructure. He's due $18 million this season, including $7 million guaranteed.

Elway said his desire to keep Keenum isn't a reflection of what he thinks about this year's quarterbacks crop.

"That's not the reason I'm saying we want Case back. I would like Case back because I think he's a good football player that can help us," Elway said. "Now, I gave that flexibility to Case."

Elway also said the Broncos will exercise their options on defensive end Derek Wolfe and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who is returning from a torn Achilles tendon.