Editorial: Time for action to stop virus spread in schools

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

According to Department of Public Health and Human Services numbers released last Wednesday, no high school in Montana has had more active COVID-19 cases in the past two weeks as Custer County District High School, at 32.

In fact Montana State University with 97 cases is the only school of any kind in the state with more active cases over that period than Custer County.

As the Star reported last week, Custer County schools were reported as having 61 cases of the virus in the past two weeks.

The number is unacceptable and calls for some type of action to prevent further spread.

In addition there are reports of non-COVID illnesses spreading in the schools, including strep and another characterized by coughing and congestion. An employee of one local school told the Star that “we didn’t have these problems last fall because we were masking up.”

The Delta variant of the virus, while reportedly having peaked and is in decline in other parts of the country, continues to rage in Montana, with over 1,300 cases reported statewide Monday.

It’s time to consider reinstituting a masking policy in our schools until the threat has abated. If it gets worse, it could mean school closings lie in our future.




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