Early Sunday storms break rain record

Two storms early Sunday morning brought a record-breaking total of 2.89 inches of precipitation to Miles City, breaking the previous one-day record set June 18, 1964.

Mother Nature decided to catch up on the moisture deficit starting Sunday around 2 a.m. when the thunder and lightning rolled by, followed by rain and hail in alternating waves. The first wave dumped about two and a quarter inches of precipitation in about two hours. The second storm added another half inch around 4 a.m.

The underpass on Main Street was closed after filling with water, and there was localized flooding in basements and backyards, as is common during an eastern Montana summer downpour.  

This storm, however, came earlier in the season than most summer showers. The 1964 storm was mostly one storm, while the total of rain for Sunday kept adding up during the day. There was a break in the afternoon and the underpass re-opened, but it was damp all day.

The wet weather is predicted to continue through the week.

For the number fans, the 1964 storm produced 2.71 inches. Weather records in Miles City date back further than they do in most of eastern Montana since records were kept at Fort Keogh. Many communities did not start keeping precise records until they developed airports.